Our Team

Rick Mclean

Rick is a sought-after facilitator with the ability to educate and inspire. His experience with internal capacity development comes from a decade with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, his work as Executive Director at Boys and Girls Club and his service as President of the Board for two Indigenous agencies and several mainstream corporations. Rick brings over two decades of counselling and teaching experience and certifications in MBTI, Emotional Quotient Inventory and Personality Dimensions as well as Indigenous counselling practices. Rick also spent 15 years in heavy construction with the Labourers International Union of North America, manufacturing and custom cabinetry with Elmwood Kitchens and managed 4 restaurants. He was part of the team that got the first social service agency in Niagara registered with ISO 9000 and Rick is certified in Level 1 Ontario Health and Safety. From staff training to capacity development to strategic planning…Rick has the tools and background to support your vision.

Contact Rick at rick@mcleanconsultinggroup.com

Christine Arsenault has over 15 years of effective community leadership and engagement with a variety of different not for profit groups in Southern Ontario. As a single mom of two bi-racial girls she witnessed early on the challenges they had in school and accessing programs with policies and training for staff around anti-racism and equity issues. This fueled her academic and community interests. From 2010-2013 Christine completed several open water swims for the benefit of the YMCA, the Welland International Flat-Water Center, The Niagara Community Foundation and West Park Aquatics. One of these swims resulted in a completed solo swim across Lake Ontario. From 2011-2017 Christine led her own girls to accomplish 11 Open Water World Records collectively. Each of these swims benefited various sporting programs provincially and nationally. She has consulted on a variety of local and national recreational programs for young people, in addition to directing the development of the West Park Aquatic club from 2012-2019.
Christine has served on the following boards:
• Solo Swim of Ontario – Director At Large
• Solo Swim of Ontario – Advisory Board Member
• Chair West Park Aquatics Steering Committee
• Cave Springs Camp- Director at Large
• Cave Springs Camp- Advisory Board Member
She brings a solid academic background in researching a variety of social justice issues; such as, occupational segregation (defined by racial markers) and in recent years has focused on Indigenous experiences in Southern Ontario as a way to understand and evaluate the current state of relations between Indigenous Nations and the Canadian government.

Contact Christine at: christine@mcleanconsultinggroup.com

Mitch Baird

Mitch  specializes in information technology for non-profits and small businesses.  With over 20 years of providing technical solutions and staff training in the Indigenous and mainstream non profit and small business sectors where budgets are always an issue.  Mitch can provide hands on work developing websites and providing graphic design as well as consult on large IT projects and Federal Privacy compliance issues.

Contact Mitch at mitch@mcleanconsultinggroup.com