Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Note book with the words Strategic Planning written in red

Strategic Plans are essential for focussing energy and resources towards the Vision in a planned, staged, managed and measurable manner.  Let the McLean Consulting Group lend you 30 years of experience and our proven methodology on your next plan to ensure your organization achieves all of its goals!  We can guide you on an evaluation of your last plan, an assessment of your current, strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats and the development of a detailed document that outlines your path forward. 

Some of our value-added features include: 

  • Online surveys/questionnaires that collect data from your community and stakeholders to help inform your decisions
  • Anonymous staff satisfaction surveys 
  • Targeted interviews with critical partners 
  • In-person community consultations 
  • Environmental scans of local and national issues that impact your business 
  • A report that synthesizes all of this data along with observations and recommendations to inform your decisions 
  • A review of your Vision and Mission so the strategic plan is focussed  
  • A facilitated assessment of your strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats 
  • A strategic plan where all the goals have objectives articulated, making it a step-by-step process 
  • An implementation plan that will inform your Board, Executive, Management and Staff on a monthly basis regarding their commitments to the plan 

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